Asked by Svetoslav Stefanov on 2010-06-02

How one can translate nautilus-elementary? My question is for Tweaks tab and for other items (menu items, toolbar editor, etc.).

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ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #1

When i'll enable the translations in launchpad, people could then translate this section too.

Eduardo Rivas (jerivasmelgar) said : #2

Any progress over here? I'm ready to translate to Spanish.

Eduardo Rivas (jerivasmelgar) said : #3

You can send me the .po if you have it available, just in case it results easier than doing it via Launchpad.

Any progress for the translation?

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #5

just back from holidays, i ll check that this week.

Any progress? Nautilus-elementary is to good to be restricted on to English peaking users...

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #7

i tried enable translations but files are stucked in Translation import queue with the state "Needs review". I've read the help from launchpad but found nothing. So i am stuck :)
And it's really starting to piss me off. So if you know a launchpad magician, i'd appreciate some help.

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #8

ok so now the translations are open for 2.31+ branch
but launchpad didn't look at the existing po files. So now it ask to re-translate all the nautilus sentences (1500+). what a waste of time.... what a useless tool.

I am wondering if it would not be better to follow a procedure or create a proper tools for the few things we have to translate (2 elements from the sidebar and the tweak menu).

So here is what i am proposing for the people who wants to translate the few untranslated items in nautilus-elementary:

download the last bzr: bzr branch lp:nautilus-elementary/2.31+ (this is the maverick branch)

then edit your po files (they are under the po directory), all you have to do is find the string you want to translate (exemple Devices) and fill the proper string: msgstr

translate the few untranslated items and mail me your po file at am.monkeyd at gmail dot com

I will only accept po files for Ubuntu maverick merkat 10.10 which is released next month (I really don't have time for duplicate work for lucid).

I am open to better suggestions.
Thanks for supporting nautilus-elementary and sorry for the delay.

Yes, launchpad can be very frustrating and annoying at times... Thank you for finding a way to resolve this issue. Currently I'm already working on the translation.

Best ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #10

16 hours later finally the stucked po files are approved, thx launchpad better late than never ;)
So i announce officially that the translations for 2.31+ branch are opened!

Thanks ammonkey, that solved my question.