what causes "program not responding"?

Asked by drumstick2008 on 2008-08-18

can anyone enlighten me as to what causes a webpage to suddenly freeze and occur frequently in my case?

also what causes my computer to recieve errors?
last night i recieved 27 errors...i have had over 80 in the past...is it a case of the server sending a command but for some reason the reciever is sending back bad response?
i'm no whiz kid so i'm hoping someone can explain what causes it?

another problem i have is with youtube.

i upload videos quite alot and i have noticed that while it is recording, the screen suddenly freezes and then starts again
and when i play it back either the sound cuts out halfway through or the music is completely out of synch with the video.
in my case i upload myself playing drums along to records
and i'm finding the drumming is out of synch with the music.
i could be playing the snare but the video is showing me hitting the cymbals?
i just don't know why that happens?
also when i open internet explorer it takes so long for the page to load...and when i press the mouse it freezes and sometimes i have to press alt ctrl del and still it takes ages before it shuts down.
it drives me nuts.
i have asked alot of questions but if i get even one good answer which solves one of the problems i will be grateful.

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MarcRandolph (mrand) said : #1

Sorry, it isn't entirely clear to me what problems you are having, and which problems might be Mythtv/Mythbuntu related - so I'm going to have to make some assumptions here...

Assumed question 1: you are seeing error messages
a. What program(s) are generating the errors?
b. What do the first couple and last couple errors say?
c. There are log files in /var/log/ which you can check and see if anything stands out around the timeframe that you see your error messages. If the error messages are related to mythtv, check /var/log/mythtv.

Assumed question 2: your are seeing out of sync video playback and freezes with other programs
a. What program(s) are you seeing this the video playback problem with? Mythtv? vlc? mplayer?
b. If the problem is only seen within Mythfrontend, you may need to select a different playback profile
c. If the problem is seen in external video players (vlc / mplayer), the video likely needs to be reencoded at a lower bit-rate, perferrably with mpeg-2.

Hope that helps.

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