make_sandbox as non-root user?

Asked by ladydi711 on 2008-11-08


I've installed and created on a server as root, but now i'm trying on another server as a non-root user. On this server I have the 5.0.67 tarball expanded in the /opt/mysql/5.0.67 directory.

as a non-root user I'm running:
./make_sandbox 5.0.67 --verbose

The last few lines of the output are:
copying COPYING into /home/kmcis/sandboxes/msb_5_0_67
copying VERSION into /home/kmcis/sandboxes/msb_5_0_67
081108 14:33:56 [Warning] Changed limits: max_open_files: 100 max_connections: 100 table_cache: 64
081108 14:33:57 [Warning] Changed limits: max_open_files: 100 max_connections: 100 table_cache: 64
loading grants
................... sandbox server not started yet
installation options saved to current_options.conf.
To repeat this installation with the same options,
use ./low_level_make_sandbox --conf_file=current_options.conf

I cannot get the sandbox server to start. The only items in the data/ directory are mysql/ and test/ and there are no .err or any errors I can see in the system message or secure logs.

Is this possible to run as a non-root user?

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actually, the Sandbox is designed to be used as a non-root user.
If another Sandbox exists with the same port and socket, the server won't start.

You have already created a sandbox for 5.0.67 as root. You can't start another sandbox with the same port and socket as the one you created from root.

Either you stop the one that is running under root, or you force a different port with
./make_sandbox 5.0.67 --verbose --sandbox_port=15067


ladydi711 (drolland) said : #2

Well, I had created it as root on a different system, but this server had never been created as root; it just wouldn't start as the non-root user.

I was able to work around by su - to root and then "start" the server. I then stopped it, went back to non-root user then could start it again. I don't know; maybe some file permissions weren't allowing the initial start.

I will test more later.

Thanks! this is a great tool!