Problems with forcast updates.

Asked by renshu on 2013-02-02

Thank you for making this app! But I do have one problem, I updated your indicator to 0.6.1 for precise and while I have up to date information about the current weather, I cant get forecasts when I click the "forecast" button. All the information is "N/A". I live in Japan so I wonder if that has something to do with it. I tried each weather service available but no change.

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The number of requests/hour that My-Weather-Indicator did during last days is higher than World Weather Online allows, so you must change to another weather service as Yahoo or Open Weather Map

Defacto Seven (be-real) said : #2

I have the same issue except the answer above is not the fact in my case. World Weather Online allows 500 per day for free service. My updates were no more than 80. So it should not be the number of requests that is the problem here unless My-Weather-Indicator makes more requests than the number we choose in Preferences.

The number of request is for all users of same API KEY

Defacto Seven (be-real) said : #4

I see. Would that mean that World Weather Online would not be available in this app at all? I am assuming you mean this app uses the same KEY for all users of the app which would cause the max amount of requests based an all users of the app.

Also, I think I miss stated above. It's Open Weather Map that allows 500/day. World Weather Online "requests" that there be no more than 5 requests per day which is rather unreasonable.

Defacto Seven (be-real) said : #5

Please excuse my absence of the brain this evening.

WW Online states no more than 500/hour per KEY. They request no more than 5/ hour from request sources. I think this is what they are stating. It's a little ambiguous.

Open Weather Map doesn't seem to have a limit.

Am I correct?

Right. My-Weather-Indicator uses same KEY for all users. I'm working in a new version of My-Weather-Indicator, where to activate "World-Weather-Online" and "Wunderground" (that now is not working), you must enter "your" KEY. So, the number of request will be always less than 500 for every API KEY. And you will be able to use World-Weather-Online or Wunderground without problems.

Open Weather Map doesn't have restrictions becouse My-Weather-Indicator uses API KEY. So you shouldn't have problems with this service. In OpenWeatherMap conditions you can read "No API key is necessary if you have less than 2000 requirements per hour. For more requirements the API is still free but you need to get API key".

Defacto Seven (be-real) said : #7

Thank you for the information. That clears up my questions. Your addition of the API KEY is a great idea and I look forward to the addition.

renshu (renshu-renshu) said : #8

Thank you for all this adivce guys, but no matter which service I choose, I still get the same result "N/A"

Where location do you have configurated? Can you paste here a screenshot of forecast window?

renshu (renshu-renshu) said : #10

Thank you Lorenzo for asking.

My locations are Yokohama (Japan) but you could say it is Tokyo since it is so close.

The screenshot is here.

I seem to have accurate moon , sunrise and sunset but nothing else.

I greatly appreciate the help :)

renshu (renshu-renshu) said : #11

HI Lorenzo,

I think I solved my problem, or maybe this is a temporary solution?

I went to the World Weather Online site, registered, got a API code, inserted it into a text file for your app and restarted.

Now I have forcasts :)

For others with a similar problem, look at

an look at entries #13 onward.

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