References from bib file are not included in pdf file

Asked by vansteen on 2008-08-13

Dear package maintainer,

I like the style of the moderncv package very much. So I tried to create my cv with the package.

However, for some reason unknown to me I seem to be unable to include bibtex references in the resulting PDF file. Even when I use the "./moderncv/template_en.tex" file, which is included in the package, this problem persists.

The file "./moderncv/template_en.tex" contains the lines:

"""% Publications from a BibTeX file
\bibliography{/home/nerd/modernsv/publications1} % 'publications' is the name of a BibTeX file"""

So the references should get included in the resulting pdf file, as they are in e.g. the files "./moderncv/template_en_classic_green.pdf" and "./moderncv/template_en_casual_blue.pdf", which are included in the package as well.

Yet, when I issue the command "pdflatex template_en.tex" a file called "template_en.pdf" is produced without any references included.

On the internet I came across some downloadable "template_en.pdf" files, which show the same problem as mine has. (e.g.

The log file (attached below) does not seem to report any problems.

I use Ubuntu Hardy and I installed "texlive-latex-extra texlive-fonts-recommended lmodern".

Guido van Steen

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vansteen (gvsteen) said : #1
Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said : #2

Hi Guido,

Is it possible you forgot to run BibTex in the compilation loop? In
case you haven't, here is what to do and why:
- run (pdf)latex to have (pdf)latex create an auxiliary file
mentioning all the bibliographic references used
- run bibtex to analyse the auxiliary file and produce a file with the
corresponding bibliographic entries
- re-run (pdf)latex to include the file bibtex produced

Hope this solves the problem. Otherwise, there is a bug :-)



On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 4:17 PM, vansteen <email address hidden> wrote:
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> --
> References from bib file are not included in pdf file
> You received this bug notification because you are the registrant for
> moderncv.

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vansteen (gvsteen) said : #3

Dear Xavier,

Thank you for your quick answer. It is not bug indeed.

Thank you very much for your wonderful package!


Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said : #4

Question solved; references require running BibTeX between 2 (pdf)LaTeX compilation.