Classic Style with Picture - How can I move the picture & address?

Asked by Madelen Mueller

Salut Xavier,

I have not that much experience with redefining the style-files - so it would be very kind if you could help me with the following problem:

I have to move my picture and address to the page before the cv, in a way that only the picture (in the middle of the page) and address (in the lower left or right corner of the page) are on this "front page". Is this possible in moderncv?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Madelen Mueller (mohnmaedchen) said :

I solved this by including a minipage:

  \ \vfill%
\begin{minipage}[c][40em][c]{0.95\textwidth} %vertical alignment is adjusted by changing the parameters in [ ]
                                                                                       %size is adjusted by changing the number before <\textwidth>
\raggedleft %if title is supposed to be flushright; otherwise choose <\raggedright> or <\centering>
\cventry{date}{something else}{someplace}{}{}{}%

This works for my picture and title.