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Asked by Nimitt Phommavongsa on 2012-11-09


First of all, thank you for this wonderful class. It's absolutely great! Keep up the good work.

Now, for my question :
I want to save space because I want a one page resume, and it is kind of hard with this class, although it makes me try to summarize more. I was looking for a way to reduce the horizontal space between the title generated by \maketitle and the resume content, but I didn't find it.

Could you please help me ?

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Best Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said : #1


You can simply insert a negative vertical space right after \maketitle:
(change the "-1cm" to whatever distance you like).

Another useful trick to get your resume to fit on 1 page is to play with the margins, through the "geometry" package:
  \usepackage[scale=0.9, top=1cm]{geometry}
(this for example sets the margins such that the body covers 90% of the paper and forces the top margin to be equal to 1cm).

Kind regards,

Nimitt Phommavongsa (ju2c0c0) said : #2

Ah why did I not think about \vspace*{}... thank you for your quick answer!

Yeah I already use the geometry package :)

Nimitt Phommavongsa (ju2c0c0) said : #3

Thanks Xavier Danaux, that solved my question.