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Hi Xavier,

I'm using your package for 5 years, and I didn't update my version since 2008. Now that I needed to add new features on my CV I updated to moderncv 1.0 and discovered this website, which is much more convenient than text groups. Thanks a lot for all the updates that you made to modern CV and for you wonderful support !

My issue is regarding the CV summary :

I would like to put the following summary :

Consultant with knowledge and expertise in private banking, risk management (operational risk, credit risk, market risk) and IT projects within international environments. Looking for new job opportunities in connexion with private banking, CIB, asset management or venture capital.

on my CV (like in my linkedin profile :, and I thought that the \quote line in "personal data" had this purpose. The problem is that I don't like the way /quote make my summary appear and I would like to know how I could put it in another format (reduce margins, no centering, etc.)? I am using \moderncvstyle{classic}.

Kind regards,

Morgan Davidson

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Best Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said :

Hi Morgan,

I don't know how familiar you are with LaTeX, but you can basically achieve anything you want by redefining the right command, in this case \makecvtitle.

Put simply, just copy moderncvstyleclassic.sty (or get it from, rename it (e.g., moderncvstylemorgan), put it in the directory with your cv and then use

Then look for the following lines:
  \par}% to avoid weird spacing bug at the first section if no blank line is left after \makecvtitle

The line you want to change is the 3rd one. As it is, it centers a minipage of width \quotewidth, and renders your text in the \quotestyle style. Modify that line any way you like.

Best regards,


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crocefisso (crocefisso) said :

Thanks a lot Xavier, I remember you gave me the same kind of tip long ago on a tex group :)

Here are the line I changed in the copied moderncvstyleclassic.sty renamed moderncvstylemorgan.sty :

% When file is renamed moderncvstylemorgan.sty, you can use it by putting \moderncvstyle{morgan} in tex file preamble % <- morgan

\newcommand*{\quotestyle}[1]{{\quotefont\textcolor{color2}{#1}}}% <- morgan line
%\newcommand*{\quotestyle}[1]{{\quotefont\textcolor{color1}{#1}}}% <- original line

\setlength{\quotewidth}{0.80\textwidth}% <- morgan line
%\setlength{\quotewidth}{0.65\textwidth}% <- original line

{{\centering\begin{minipage}{\quotewidth}\raggedright\quotestyle{\@quote}\end{minipage}\\[2.5em]}}% <-morgan line
%{{\centering\begin{minipage}{\quotewidth}\centering\quotestyle{\@quote}\end{minipage}\\[2.5em]}}% <-original line

What I fear, is that moderncvstylemorgan.sty won't work anymore when I will update moderncv for a newer version. For instance, I did modify a moderncv sty long a ago, and it didn't work with the new class file of moderncv 1.0 and as I didn't remember the changes, I wasn't able to use it anymore...

My point is just that, changing sty, is fine for little details like in the present case, but if I had a lot of modifications to do, it would be annoying, because all these complicated changes would have to be done all over again in a different manner when updating moderncv. Or maybe I am mistaken due to the fact that I don't understand quite well how latex works.

Anyway your package is brilliant, thanks again,


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crocefisso (crocefisso) said :

Thanks Xavier Danaux, that solved my question.

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Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said :

Hi Morgan,

If you make such changes to .sty or .cls files, I suggest you keep a diff file, so that you can easily reapply your changes to updated version of moderncv. With a diff, reapplying your changes will be as simple as issuing a patch command.