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Asked by radouani anass on 2010-10-10

I'm trying to customize my CV template. I would like to move the name on top to gain more space so I can write a little title under it. But I don't find which code I have to modify.
can you help me please.
Best regards

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Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said : #1

Hi Radouani,

You need to be a little more specific with what you mean by "move the name on top". In essence,

- If you want to reduce the top margin, you need to do something like "\usepackage[scale=0.85]{geometry}". Look for a similar line at the top of the template. It is set by default to "scale=0.8", try to play with the value. You can also specifically force the top margin (which however is not recommended) by adding a "top" option, e.g. "\usepackage[scale=0.80,top=1cm]{geometry}

- If you want to change the fonts of the name, you need to redefine \firstnamefont and \familynamefont. As an example, here are the definition from the casual style:

- If you want to completely change the way the header is formatted, you need to redefine \maketitle.

Kind regards,


Naveen s (naveenu) said : #2

Hello Xavier,

    I have a related question. I am trying to modify the font size of the name as the name wraps around to the second line (I have a long family name).

I tried to do what you suggested above.

But, the above doesn't do anything to the font size. Please advise me if I am not doing this right. Thank you in advance for your help.

Naveen s (naveenu) said : #3

This worked:

Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said : #4

Hi Naveen,

It's probably due to the fact that you're definition takes place before the loading of the theme, hence it is overwritten.

Try to put the 2 \renewcommand just before \maketitle and let me know if you still experience the issue.

Kind regards,


Naveen s (naveenu) said : #5

Hi Xavier,

   Putting \renewcommand just before \maketitle worked. Thank you very much for the help and the quick response.

Thank you,

Xavier Danaux (xdanaux) said : #6

You're most welcome. Good luck with your application!


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