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Asked by Irene May on 2011-08-28

Hi! As I have read, for the best results I should use Mnemosyne every day, and even one or two days of non-using may degrade the algorithm's performance. But you see, I will have to go for a week-long trip, and I'm not much enthusiastic about taking my laptop with me. The program has "Learn ahead of shedule" button... What is it for? Can I use it to study for 7 days ahead and then leave for my trip without laptop, knowing that even if I won't be using the program for 7 days its algorithm will still work properly when I return and get back to my studies? Or maybe I can trick the algorithm somehow by changing date on my computer? And what do the 7 days of non-use really mean, what effect will they have on the algorithm and how bad this effect is going to be? Thanks!

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I'd recommend rather than learning ahead, you catch up when you get back. Mnemosyne is intelligent enough to show you the most urgent card first, and it will have less of a negative influence on your scheduling than if you learn ahead of schedule.

Irene May (axave) said : #2

Thank you!

Irene May (axave) said : #3

Thanks Peter Bienstman, that solved my question.