How to debug 'The file "<filename>" could not be loaded.'?

Asked by naught101

In the last few months, with Mixxx alpha builds on linux, I've had trouble getting a number of songs to play. Most of these have been m4a/aac tracks, but I've also had Mixxx refuse to play .ogg files. How can I find out *why* these failures are happening, and what can I do about it?

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RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) said :

Usually the console has a message hinting at this. In this case it said the file has 0 channels -- which wasn't the case. That gave me the hint I needed to see that we broke Ogg and WAV/AIFF/RIFF support with a recent refactor. Oops!

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naught101 (naught101) said :

Ah, excellent. Sorry for not posting that log stuff before, I hadn't noticed it (didn't see it in the console).

I also had problems with mp4/aac. For those, I get:

Debug [Main]: TrackInfoObject::parse() error at file "/home/music/Blackalicious/Blackalicious/Nia/12 Trouble (Eve Of Destruction).m4a"
Debug [Main]: WCoverArt::slotCoverFound WCoverArt(0x77fe830) "CoverInfo(NONE,GUESSED,,0,/home/music/Blackalicious/Blackalicious/Nia/12 Trouble (Eve Of Destruction).m4a)" QSize(0, 0)
Warning [CachingReaderWorker 1]: Failed to open file: "/home/music/Blackalicious/Blackalicious/Nia/12 Trouble (Eve Of Destruction).m4a"
Debug [CachingReaderWorker 1]: "[Channel1]" CachingReaderWorker::loadTrack() load failed for" "/home/music/Blackalicious/Blackalicious/Nia/12 Trouble (Eve Of Destruction).m4a" ", file invalid, unlocked reader lock
Debug [Main]: Failed to load track "/home/music/Blackalicious/Blackalicious/Nia/12 Trouble (Eve Of Destruction).m4a" "The file '/home/music/Blackalicious/Blackalicious/Nia/12 Trouble (Eve Of Destruction).m4a' could not be loaded."

VLC plays the file fine.

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Sean M. Pappalardo (pegasus-renegadetech) said :

Please try again with the latest release. Likely the files were corrupt or malformed.

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naught101 (naught101) said :

I expect so, yep. I've since replaced them.

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Sean M. Pappalardo (pegasus-renegadetech) said :

Thank you. I'm just cleaning up a few old items here on Launchpad. :)