[Feature request] When activating the microphone, drop the music volume by a pre-set percentage

Asked by Trek on 2014-01-02

Feature request!

During sets, I like to make a short announcement from time to time over the top of tracks that are playing.

At the moment, this requires adjusting the volume levels, activating the microphone, announcing, deactivating the mic, readjusting music levels which is hard to smoothly.

It would be great to have a feature where if music is playing and you activate the microphone, the volume of the music drops down to allow you to be heard and then the volume of the music returns to the normal level once the microphone is deactivated - the feature could include a setting in preferences to set the percentage amount the volume of the music should drop.

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Trek (trekjj) said : #1

Just an additional thought...

as the music volume is dropped it could be done gradually over 2 seconds to avoid a 'shock drop' in volume. While this transition is happening, the microphone button flashes and then goes solid when the desired music volume level is reached such as the current indication that mic is active.
Same (but reverse) idea for transitioning volume level back up to the normal volume afterwards.

Trek (trekjj) said : #2

I apologise this is covered by wish list #1035065 - but maybe the idea in the additional into could be considered as part of it?

jus (jus) said : #3

Thanks for your comment.
I`d add a extra note under one of the related bug reports, so that your comment here is not lost in the noise.

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