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Asked by Mark Smith on 2013-06-05

Ok... I finally was able to get an enivorment setup. I wasn't able to get the environment to compile in Windows due to scon not being able to find the WIN libraries, so I decided to create the environment in Linux Mint using Qt Creator. It took some time, but I finally have everything working properly ... I think.

So, now I'm looking at your bugs list and I'm trying to figure out what I should try to tackle first. I've looked at the 'New' issues and appears that a lot of these issues are not bugs or have already been taken care of. And I'm not sure what the 'Triaged' status represents and I'm guessing that 'Conifirmed' status bugs are what I should be getting into.

Can anybody confirm that with me? Also, if could anybody let me know the best way to really get involved with this project that would be excellent.


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Best RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) said : #1

Hi Mark,

Great to hear you're getting into Mixxx development. First I'd join mixxx-devel, our project mailing list so you can talk with us over email and participate in development discussions. Our IRC channel (#mixxx on freenode) is also a friendly place to hang out and talk shop with other Mixxx developers.

New, Confirmed or Wishlist bugs that don't have someone assigned are likely candidates for you to tackle. Triaged bugs mean that someone has worked on them but a solution is not easy or is blocked on other work. Also, if a bug has someone assigned but hasn't been updated in a while feel free to comment on the bug and ask if they plan on finishing it or if you can take it over.

Best regards,
RJ Ryan

Mark Smith (masmith516) said : #2

Thanks for the info Ryan. I'll get started this evening.