Why does midori load a tab on focus?

Asked by A. Person on 2013-11-23

It's nice to be able to start midori and have it open tabs which match the previously open set of tabs but not load them automatically. 0.5.5 worked this way but 0.5.6 and git load a tab as soon as it is given focus.

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This is built in to Midori but is not set by default. Go to Preferences -> Startup.

1. The default loads all tabs at once. - http://i.imgur.com/6Lf7ODK.png

2. Change to "Show last tabs without loading" - http://i.imgur.com/gCQfPdl.png

Imgur Gallery Tutorial - http://imgur.com/a/lxYH4

A. Person (tesoro302) said : #3

I actually have it set that way already but the behavior is as I described. Should I file a bug?

André Stösel (ivaldi) said : #4

Since 0.5.6 the "Delayed load" extension is enabled by default (and right now there is no option to disable it).

If you really want to change it:
  locate libdelayed-load.so

and override it with another extension:
  mv libdevpet.so libdelayed-load.so

(Midori won't start if you remove it (or one of the other default extensions) -> the best option is to rename one of the "optional" extensions (displayed in the extension list))

A. Person (tesoro302) said : #5

No problem. Should I file a bug to enable it or is this permanent behavior? If a certain page causes midori to crash, it's better to not load that page automatically when the browser restarts.

André Stösel (ivaldi) said : #6

Hm,... I guess we could add at least some sort of option to disable it....

(Yes, a bug report would be great, thanks.)