Is Midori supposed to lose its titlebar when maximized?

Asked by Arturo Torres Sánchez on 2012-06-12

Before filing a bug, I'd like to know if it's a bug or a feature. I'm running Midori 0.4.6 with Gala as window manager. When I maximize a Midori window, it loses its titlebar (and remains just a white line on the top). This happens only with Midori and no other maximized window, and only under Gala and not with Compiz.

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Daniel Fore (danrabbit) said : #1

That's definitely a bug. Midori has a Fullscreen mode in which that is intended functionality. But for regular maximize that shouldn't happen.

OK. I've reported the bug.

Christian Dywan (kalikiana) said : #3

Midori uses gtk_window_set_hide_titlebar_when_maximized, the same as Epiphany. To quote the documentation:

 This is useful for windows that don't convey any information other
 than the application name in the titlebar, to put the available
 screen space to better use. If the underlying window system does not
 support the request, the setting will not have any effect.

In window manager terms, it sets _GTK_HIDE_TITLEBAR_WHEN_MAXIMIZED. So if the window manager ends up doing something that breaks the desktop environment, it's a bug in one of the two.