How to install a UserScript?

Created by Michael Moroni on on 2011-06-01

First enable the “User Addons” extension. It will show up as a “User Scripts” panel (and it also provides “User Styles”).

Now you need to find some scripts. You can find some at Most scripts work fine, some may be written specifically for other browsers.

If you have Midori 0.3.0 or newer, you will be offered to install scripts as soon as you see them on the page.

To manually install a userscript, you have to download the script as a file, and put it in the folder ~/.local/share/midori/scripts. You need to create that folder if it doesn't exist yet. Midori will automatically see and use it, which you can also see in the user scripts panel.

If the script is only shown as source code on the page, you first have to create a new text file in a text editor, copy the source code into the new file, and save it as my-user-script.js where ”.js” is the extension.