Using the Keyboard

Created by Michael Moroni on on 2011-06-01


You can use the Vim-like key bindings [hjkl] to navigate a page. h=left j=down k=up l=right In a picture:

    h l

You can also use the arrow keys to do the same.

Following Links

To enable Hints in Midori [similar to those vimperator provides in Firefox], press .

With hints enabled, type the link number, and press Enter to open the link in the current tab, or Ctrl-Enter to open the link in a new tab. To clear a typed link number before pressing Enter or Ctrl-Enter, use Escape.

Use Ctrl(+Shift)+Tab to switch between pages

Since Midori 0.3.5 Ctrl+Tab is supported by default.

In older versions you can enable the History List extension under Tools → Extensions.

Customizing keyboard shortcuts

Enable the Shortcuts extension Tools → Extensions. To edit a keybinding Tools → Customize Shortcuts…