Private Browsing

Created by Michael Moroni on on 2011-06-01

File menu/ App Menu button → Private Browsing

A private window is a separate process, so crashes don't affect the normal browser session. No sensitive data such as cookies, history or bookmarks are stored. No extensions are loaded. Panels are not available.

As of Midori 0.2.9 Private Browsing uses preferences, cookies, keyboard shortcuts and search engines from the normal session, but it won't save any changes. This behaviour can be emulated from the command line with ”-a” and ”-c”.

As of Midori 0.3.4 the –private command line switch opens a private browsing instance with normal preferences, cookies, shortcuts and search engines. But no changes will be saved. DNS prefetching is disabled in this mode, also referrers are stripped down to the hostname when navigating between different websites.

The same options available to -a/ –app can be used for private browsing mode.