Are SOCKS proxy servers supported?

Created by Michael Moroni on on 2011-06-01

Currently only HTTP proxy servers are supported directly. A way to use SOCKS on Unix is to use tsocks with SSH as follows:

1. Install 'tsocks'
2. Open /etc/tsocks.conf in an editor
3. Type something like this, you can choose the port freely:

server =
server_type = 5
server_port = 5555

4. Open an SSH connection with the same port:

ssh -D localhost:5555

5. Run Midori with “tsocks” in front of it:

tsocks midori

6. Now you can use for example to verify that you are using a SOCKS connection. The IP address should match the one of your SSH host. Remember to keep the SSH login running, and don't suspend it, otherwise it won't work.
7. If the connection fails for some reason, you should see a connection error.