HTML5 Video doesn't play

Created by Michael Moroni on on 2011-06-01
HTML5 video

You need to have GStreamer plugins installed which implement the codecs.

1. You need gstreamer0.10-pulse if you're using PulseAudio.
2. You may need gstreamer0.10-alsa for ALSA, depending on your distribution.
3. With Arch Linux, you may need to install liboil explicitly if it is not installed already (see this bug report:
4. You need plugins for Theora, gstreamer0.10-base and MPEG-4 incluing aac (e.g. gst-plugins-faad), gstreamer0.10-bad. For WebM, you'll need plugins for vorbis (-base), matroska (-good), and vp8 (-bad). Have a look at for details.
5. For Youtube or Vimeo, you need WebKitGTK+ 1.1.20 or newer.
6. You can test your installed codecs here:
7. Since Midori 0.3.5 you can look at “about:version” to see which video codecs you have installed.