I had an error in this command: launch MY_FIRST_MG5_RUN

Asked by Raghad Badawi

INFO: Combining runs
sum of cpu time of last step: 22 seconds
INFO: finish refine
refine 10000 --treshold=0.9
No need for second refine due to stability of cross-section
INFO: Combining Events
combination of events done in 5.136702060699463 s
  === Results Summary for run: run_01 tag: tag_1 ===

     Cross-section : 505.8 +- 0.7269 pb
     Nb of events : 10000

Failed to access python version of LHAPDF: If the python interface to LHAPDF is available on your system, try adding its location to the PYTHONPATH environment variable and theLHAPDF library location to LD_LIBRARY_PATH (linux) or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (mac os x).The required LD_LIBRARY_PATH is /home/raghad/Downloads/MG5_aMC_v3_5_3/HEPTools/lhapdf6_py3//lib
INFO: can not run systematics since can not link python to lhapdf
INFO: Storing parton level results
INFO: End Parton
reweight -from_cards
INFO: Extracting the banner ...
INFO: process: p p > t t~
INFO: options:
INFO: Running Reweighting
change mode NLO # Define type of Reweighting. For LO sample this command
WARNING: Missing information for NLO type of reweighting. Keeping the mode to LO.
INFO: detected model: sm. Loading...
INFO: generating the square matrix element for reweighting
INFO: generate p p > t t~ ;
INFO: Done 1.626
Command "generate_events run_01" interrupted with error:
ModuleNotFoundError : No module named 'rw_me.SubProcesses.P1_gg_ttx2py'
Please report this bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/mg5amcnlo
More information is found in '/home/raghad/Downloads/MG5_aMC_v3_5_3/MY_FIRST_MG5_RUN/run_01_tag_1_debug.log'.
Please attach this file to your report.
INFO: storing files of previous run
gzipping output file: unweighted_events.lhe
INFO: Done
INFO: Original cross-section: 505.787 +- 0.7268924 pb
INFO: Computed cross-section:
Command "f2py" not recognized, please try again

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Olivier Mattelaer
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Best Olivier Mattelaer (olivier-mattelaer) said :


The issue is likely related to a missing f2py executable or a f2py executable not compatible with your python version.
But that module/requirement of f2py is quite advance and therefore surprising for a "MY_FIRST_MG5_RUN"
So do you really want to use such feature?

Note that in general the best way to install f2py is to do
pip3 install numpy --user

and then check where pip3 did install the f2py executable and either put that path in the madgraph configuration file
or add it to your environment obviously



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Raghad Badawi (r-b-99) said :
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Raghad Badawi (r-b-99) said :
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Raghad Badawi (r-b-99) said :

I don't know if this is still relevant, because I ran into other errors trying to solve it.
I formatted the laptop and reinstalled madgraph again, solved a couple of my problems, but not the python interface to LHAPDF.