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Asked by Disha Bhatia


I have a very simple question. I have installed madgraph in my cluster.
However when I do ./bin/mg5_aMC and enter the madgraph shell,
some of the keys of keyboard are not functioning well.

For example the arrow keys give output as: ^[[A^[[A^[[A

and tab also doesnt function well.

This is only happening inside the madgraph environment and not the linux terminal.

I would be really glad if you could let me know how to improve this.


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Disha Bhatia
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Olivier Mattelaer (olivier-mattelaer) said :

Likely the issue is the readline module of python.
Could you check if that module is correctly installed for the version of python that you are using?

I have seen the issue on some centos7 machine (but not all of them) but I have not investigate enough time on it so I do not know how to fix it.



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Disha Bhatia (dishabhatia1989) said :

Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

I installed a madgraph which was compatible with python 2.7 and now I don't have this problem.

Thank you very much,

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