Saving only delphes root file

Asked by Guglielmo Coloretti

Dear all,

Somehow a very naive question, but I could not find any reference.

I am using latest version of MadGraph and latest modules therein.

I am generating a very high number of events using a BSM model in UFO format, running both Pyhtia8 and Delphes. I am currently only interested in the root file out of the Delphes final simulation and I was wondering how I can instruct MadGraph to only generate this as output, since all other files are not necessary but consume a lot of storage memory.

I thank you all very much!

Best regards,
Guglielmo Coloretti

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Olivier Mattelaer
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skyways (onlinweok) said :

I'm using a BSM model in UFO format using Pyhtia8 and Delphes to generate a large number of events. As the additional files are not required but take up a lot of storage memory, I was wondering how I might tell MadGraph to simply generate the root file from the Delphes end simulation as output.

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Best Olivier Mattelaer (olivier-mattelaer) said :

At LO,

you have the following option in the pythia8_card:

! -------------------------------------------------------------------
! Specify the HEPMC output of the Pythia8 shower. You can set it to:
! auto : MG5aMC will automatically place it the run_<i> directory
! autoremove: MG5aMC will automatically remove the file at the end of the run.
! (usefull when running with Delphes)
! /dev/null : to turn off the HEPMC output.
! <path> : to select where the HEPMC file must written. It will
! therefore not be placed in the run_<i> directory. The
! specified path, if not absolute, will be relative to
! the Event/run_<i> directory of the process output.
! fifo : to have MG5aMC setup the piping of the PY8 output to
! analysis tools such as MadAnalysis5.
! fifo@<fifo_path> :
! Same as 'fifo', but selecting a custom path to create the
! fifo pipe. (useful to select a mounted drive that supports
! fifo). Note that the fifo file extension *must* be '.hepmc.fifo'.
! -------------------------------------------------------------------
HEPMCoutput:file = auto

so you can autoremove that will remove the pythia8 file as soon as Delphes does not need it anymore.
I do not think that the fifo mode works with Delphes but I can be wrong since I never use Delphes myself.



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Guglielmo Coloretti (guglielmocoloretti) said :

Dear Olivier,

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,