Compilation fails when collecting events

Asked by He He on 2021-03-17

Dear experts,

Previously I produced a MadGraph gridpack for ZZ+012jets NLO [1] on CMS Connect using the script at [2]. The gridpack production seems to finish without error, but when I started to generate events by running inside the unpacked gridpack with command "./ 1000 12345 12", there was the error message [3].

The input cards, gridpack, gridpack production log, event generation error printout, and the debug log mentioned in the message are available at [4]. Is it possible to determine the source of problem?


generate p p > z z [QCD] @0
generate p p > z z j [QCD] @1
generate p p > z z j j [QCD] @2


Command "launch -ox -n cmsgrid" interrupted with error:
MadGraph5Error : A compilation Error occurs when trying to compile /scratch/hehe/extra_gen2/genproductions/bin/MadGraph5_aMCatNLO/archive_success/unpack/process/SubProcesses.
 The compilation fails with the following output message:
     make: *** No rule to make target 'collect_events.o', needed by 'collect_events'. Stop.

 Please try to fix this compilations issue and retry.
 Help might be found at
 If you think that this is a bug, you can report this at
Please report this bug on
More information is found in '/scratch/hehe/extra_gen2/genproductions/bin/MadGraph5_aMCatNLO/archive_success/unpack/process/cmsgrid_tag_1_debug.log'.
Please attach this file to your report.

[4] password: ZZ012jets

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Maybe cms script already removes some of the .f files?
I have check in 2.9.2 and a file collect_events.f needs (and is) present in the SubProcesses directory.
So my guess is that you do not have that file, which is likely a culprint of one of the cms specific script on which I'm unable to comment.



He He (hehe-launchpad) said : #2

Dear Olivier,

Thanks for the hints. I found the .f files in another folder produced along with the gridpack. After copying all .f and .cc files into the gridpack SubProcesses directory, the event generation was able to finish. Not sure what is causing this behavior, could be temporary issue in the CMS specific scripts or maybe related to specific settings.


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