colour amp problem with EFT diagrams

Asked by Eleni Vryonidou

Hi Olivier,

with the SMEFTatNLO model and the following commands:

import model SMEFTatNLO-NLO
generate g g > h QED=1 QCD=2 NP=2 [QCD]

the code crashes at output with an error like this:

File "/Users/evryonidou/MG5_aMC_v3_0_0/madgraph/iolibs/", line 1118, in get_icolamp_lines
    bool_list = [(i + 1 in diag_jamp[num_diag]) for i in range(colamps)]
KeyError: 1

This seems to be related to some tadpole diagrams. I had seen the same problem before and Valentin suggested a temporary patch but as this problem is now reported by other users it might be worth finding a better solution.
Any ideas?



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Eleni Vryonidou (evryonidou) said :

Hi Valentin,

any opinion on this?



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Eleni Vryonidou (evryonidou) said :

If it helps here is what Valentin had suggested at the time:

You substitute

diag_jamp = {}


diag_jamp = dict((i,[]) for i in mapconfigs)

around line 974 of

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Hannes (hannes3) said :


just to say that we in ATLAS are interested in getting this patched as well but for this we would need to understand whether a permanent solution is planned and be sure that the above fix doesn't break anything.


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