"Undefined reference error" for a custom Lorentz structure

Asked by Radha Mastandrea on 2021-01-15

I am working with a custom model where I manually define a Lorenz structure FFV1sme (really I have 7 of these, for _0, _1, _2, _3, P0_1, P0_2, P0_3). All 7 of these .f files are defined in the corresponding Fortran folder in the model directory. When I run this model on the process p p > j j , I get an error only for the subprocess qq_qq:

matrix6.o: In function `matrix6_':
        matrix6.f:(.text+0x35f): undefined reference to `ffv1smep0_3_'
        matrix1.o: In function `matrix1_':
        matrix1.f:(.text+0x35f): undefined reference to `ffv1smep0_3_'
        matrix1.f:(.text+0x40a): undefined reference to `ffv1smep0_3_'

And in fact, when I go to the subprocess Source file in the output, the DHELAS folder contains only 4 of these custom files (for _0, _1, _2, _3 extensions i.e. none of the P0 extension). So for some reason, not all of the Fortran files are being copied over into the subprocess source directory. I have tried to locate where this copying step should be happening in the code, but I have not been lucky so far.

Thank you!

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Can you send me your model? <email address hidden>

Such that I can give it a try?

Note that starting with 2.9.0 you will actually need three more routine (P1N_1, P1N_2, P1N_3) and that I'm also considering to change the format of those routines as well to add new parameter/... (maybe even for 2.9.0)




The easiest (and i believe it will work in all cases is to include the function defintion for ffv1smep0_3 into the file
For 2.9.0 when you will need to include ffv1smep1n_3 you will then need to add them into the ffv1sme_0.f instead.
(it will be possible to ask MG5amC to not use such new routine)

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