Install mg5amc_py8_interface without internet connection

Asked by Alexander Ba on 2020-09-04

Dear Madgraph team,

I would like to install the mg5amc_py8_interface interface without internet connection. (Due to security reasons, it is not possible to connect to any servers outside the university).

 I have already installed all other packages like hepmc and pythia locally, and it works fine when I install the python interface with "install mg5amc_py8_interface". Can I somehow trick Madgraph to use a local file instead of connecting to the internet?

Thank you very much in advance!


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Olivier Mattelaer
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My first try would be to create a local madgraph server within the network allowed by the firewall.
and the define a environment variable to use those local copy of the repository
export MG5aMC_WWW=""

You have all the detail here: (not fully sure that page is public or not)
which tells you all to create the full server containing all the information that you can need at any point of the program.

The clear advantages, is that in that mode you can install all the possible package (and it can be useful for other user of your cluster).
The down side is that it works only if your security let you open some port on a machine/...
So this is not always working...

Otherwise, you need to get the tarball from this link:
and then install it manually as it will be done by the HeptoolsInstaller
that you can see here:

But I guess the real easiest solution is to use a proxy to route the internet traffic this is typically one environment variable to set.
at worse you should be able to do it via tunnelling trough another server. Check the documentation of your cluster, it should be written somewhere all to use git/...



Alexander Ba (aboson) said : #2

Thanks Olivier Mattelaer, that solved my question.