how to insert and generate a process in which we have neutral higgs and two charge higss particles in the process

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hi i am new to madgraph but know the basic rules to produce a simple process , i want to do the process which i write here can you help me regarding this how to set madgraph for this ....

The signal process is the fusion of two gluons into a heavy
electrically neutral Higgs boson (gg-H 0 ), which decays to a
heavy electrically-charged Higgs bosons (H  ) and a W boson.
The H  boson subsequently decays to a second W boson and the
light Higgs boson, h 0 . The light Higgs boson decays
predominantly to a pair of bottom quarks, giving the process:
gg -> H 0 -> W  H  -> W  W  h 0 ->W  W  b  b; ð1Þ
which leads to W  W  bb,. The background process,
which mimics W  W  bb without the Higgs boson intermediate state, is the production of a pair of top quarks, each of which
decay to Wb, also giving W  W  bb, s
Simulated events are generated with the MadGraph5
event generator assuming 8 TeV collisions of protons as at the
latest run of the Large Hadron Collider, with showering and
hadronization performed by PYTHIA 15 and detector response
simulated by DELPHES . For the benchmark case here, m H 0 1⁄4
425 GeV and m H  1⁄4 325 GeV has been assumed.
We focus on the semi-leptonic decay mode, in which one W
boson decays to a lepton and neutrino (cn) and the other decays
to a pair of jets (jj), giving decay products cnbjjb. We consider
events which satisfy the requirements

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The correct syntax depends of the model and of the benchmark point.

if all particles can be onshell, the following syntax (assuming the name of the particles are the one of the model) can do the trick
define WW = w+ w-
define HH = h+ h-
generate g g > H0, (H0 > WW HH, ( HH > WW h0, h0 > b b~))



sabeeha (sabihagullgull) said : #2

hi ..
I am confuse about the model that which model i should use because its give me an error that this particle HO not available in the model ..,,
i confuse her about model ......

You should ask the author of the paper that you quote (if the information about the model is not included in their paper obviously).
They are many model which such particles. If you know the associate Lagrangian, the best is likely to use FeynRules to create your own model such that you know exactly what is inside.



sabeeha (sabihagullgull) said : #4

thank you sir ..
i am new to madgraph so
any helpful material how to create our own model ???

Just type "FeynRules" on google and you will find tutorial, paper, website,...



sabeeha (sabihagullgull) said : #6

the author of the paper use MSSM model to generate the process. i try it but it give me an error.

I do not think that any simple version of the MSSM model has the tree-level ggh interactions.
You can likely add it by hand (or try add model hgg_plugin) but this has a lot of assumptions that are typically not compatible with the mssm model -- in particular that only the top is running in the loop--



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