p8 not reading xqcut from LHEF

Asked by trenta coollime

Hi, I am a new-user using pythia8 in CMSSW GEN-SIM and have been stuck in this problem for quite a while.

I have LHEF where xqcut = 20, P8 JetMatching:setMad = on in CMSSW cfg file, but it always says

 PYTHIA Warning in JetMatchingMadgraph:init: Madgraph merging parameters not found
 PYTHIA Warning in JetMatchingMadgraph:init: No xqcut
 PYTHIA Warning in JetMatchingMadgraph:init: No ickkw
 PYTHIA Warning in JetMatchingMadgraph:init: No maxjetflavor
 PYTHIA Warning in JetMatchingMadgraph:init: No alpsfact

Based on this thread,
It claims to put all LHEF variables in pythia settings.

All matching conditions were implemented successfully with

            'JetMatching:scheme = 1',
            'JetMatching:merge = on',
            'JetMatching:jetAlgorithm = 2',
            'JetMatching:etaJetMax = 5.',
            'JetMatching:coneRadius = 1.',
            'JetMatching:slowJetPower = 1',
            'JetMatching:qCut = 58',
            'JetMatching:nQmatch = 5',
            'JetMatching:nJetMax = 2',
            'JetMatching:doShowerKt = off',

However, I need to put xqcut of LHEF into P8 as well, which give me error Pythia 8 did not accept "JetMatching:xqCut = 11".

So how can I specify xqcut in P8?

Or rather easier, how can I make P8 realize my input matching categories from LHEF in my P8 script, besides having JetMatching:setMad = on?

Thank you.

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Best Olivier Mattelaer (olivier-mattelaer) said :


I guess that you are in the wrong forum. We do not support PY8 here (we do some partial support for the MG5-PY8 interface but you are not using it).

The only comment that I can tell you is that when you run PY8 from MG5 the default is to set JetMatching:setMad = off.



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trenta coollime (trentacoollime) said :

Thanks Olivier Mattelaer, that solved my question.