No such file or directory: /Users/test/nlo2/MCatNLO/RUN_PYTHIA8_2/events.hepmc.gz

Asked by sonus on 2019-08-02


here is my summary:

      Process p p > l+ vl [QCD] @0 ; p p > l- vl~ [QCD] @1 ; p p > l+ vl j [QCD] @2 ; p p > l- vl~ j [QCD] @3
      Run at p-p collider (50000.0 + 50000.0 GeV)
      Number of events generated: 50
      Total cross section: 1.570e+05 +- 2.9e+03 pb

INFO: The /Users/test/nlo2/Events/run_02/events.lhe.gz file has been generated. / generates events.lhe file...

Events gerated succesfully but when pythia8 works for showering and merging..

INFO: Preparing MCatNLO run
INFO: Using LHAPDF v6.2.1 interface for PDFs
INFO: Compiling MCatNLO for PYTHIA8...
INFO: ... done
INFO: Showering events...
INFO: (Running in /Users/test/nlo2/MCatNLO/RUN_PYTHIA8_2)
INFO: Idle: 0, Running: 1, Completed: 0 [ current time: 15h59 ]
/Users/test/nlo2/MCatNLO/RUN_PYTHIA8_2/ line 41: 7263 Abort trap: 6 ./Pythia8.exe Pythia8.cmd > mcatnlo_run.log 2>&1

mv: rename Pythia8.hep to events.hepmc: No such file or directory

gzip: can't stat: events.hepmc (events.hepmc): No such file or directory

INFO: Idle: 0, Running: 0, Completed: 1 [ 0.048s ]
INFO: Idle: 0, Running: 0, Completed: 0 [ current time: 15h59 ]


Command "launch auto " interrupted with error:
IOError : [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/test/nlo2/MCatNLO/RUN_PYTHIA8_2/events.hepmc.gz' // but trying to find hepmc file..

Please report this bug on
More information is found in '/Users/test/nlo2/run_02_tag_1_debug.log'.
Please attach this file to your report.

What do you think?
is that problem about pythia8 & sample or it is about MG?

Thank you.

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Which version of MG5aMC are you using?
Which version of PYTHiA8 are you using?
What is the content of the associate debug file: /Users/test/nlo2/MCatNLO/RUN_PYTHIA8_2/mcatnlo_run.log
What is the content of the standard MG5aMC debug file: /Users/test/nlo2/run_02_tag_1_debug.log

A priori this sounds a pure PY8 error. But I do not have enough information to be sure. (and it is not allowed to attach file for question -- it is for bug report so if you want to attach such files, please convert this thread to a bug report(



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