issue using Madspin with SMEFTsim model

Asked by Bryan Kortman on 2019-05-26

Dear MadGraph experts,

I am planning to use MadGraph+Madspin to generate the following simple process:
g g > h.

Where i later decay the higgs to w+ w- with madspin.
This all when using the model: SMEFTsim_A_U35_MwScheme_UFO_v2_1
I am interested in the behaviour of the h->ww->l- l+ vl~ vl channels when changing the EFT parameters.
in this case i just used the Standard model limit of the model.

generate g g > h
output PROC_full_ggf

the madgraph generation goes as expected, only when madspin is taking the higgs for decay i get the error
stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device
14:01:53Command "generate_events -f run_01 --nb_core=1" interrupted with error:
14:01:53 ZeroResult : No Phase Space. Please check particle masses.
14:01:53 Please report this bug on
14:01:53 More information is found in '/project/atlas/Users/bkortman/ObsMorphing/EventGeneration/mg-eft-genevnt/madspin2/test/PROC_full_vbfhwwlvlv/run_01_tag_1_debug.log'.

i have checked the param_card for the masses but they are all there.
I dont really know what i am missing here, to my knowledge i seem to have given everything madspin needs to decay the events.
also i set the spinmode to none since this is necessary for higgs decay

All of the cards/settings ect that i am using are here including the generation log of the job.

Q1 is there a fix to this issue?

Q2 Is it preferable to use madspin for the decay for when using EFT models, or is t better to decay with MG5?
this question since i am working with the interference terms of the BSM with the SM.
So in the final i would like to generate g g > h NP^2 ==0, g g > h NP^2 ==1, g g > h NP^2 ==2. for several EFT parameters turned on.
this prevents me from using the decay chain syntax like g g > h, (h > w+ w-, w+ >l+ vl, w- > l- vl~). Since i am interested in the full decay i am now using for example the syntax g g > h > l+ l- vl vl~ for ggf and p p > h > l+ l- vl vl~ for vbf to generate

Am i doing it right this way? Since the reason i moved to madspin is the very long computation time of p p > h > l+ l- vl vl~ for vbf because of the many diagrams. I think it would be faster if i could generate only the production and then decay with madspin.

Thank you for your time,
Kind regards,

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Bryan Kortman (bkbryan) said : #1

very long computation time of p p > h > l+ l- vl vl~ j j for vbf*

The line:
decay h > w+ w-

is not valid since twice the W mass is heavier than the W decay.
you can however change that line to
decay h > l+ l- vl vl~

to have it work.



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