Multithreading with standalone_cpp output

Asked by Rob Verheyen on 2017-07-27

Dear Madgraph team,

I'm trying to use the standalone c++ output in a multithreaded program, but I'm running into issues. I managed to condense the problem down to some code that's very similar to the that comes with the c++ output (compiled with -std=c++11):

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <thread>

#include "CPPProcess.h"
#include "rambo.h"

struct MEC

  void run()
    double energy = 1500;
    double weight;

    for (int i=0; i<3; i++)
      // Get phase space point
      vector<double*> p = get_momenta(process.ninitial, energy,
             process.getMasses(), weight);

      // Set momenta for this event

      // Evaluate matrix element
      cout << process.getMatrixElements()[0] << endl;

  CPPProcess process;

int main()
  thread t1(&MEC::run, MEC());
  thread t2(&MEC::run, MEC());

The code is supposed to generate 3 sets of rambo momenta and calculate the matrix element. However, the output is

If I remove one of the threads, the output is something like

as I would expect. I'm hoping anyone knows what's going on here, since as far as I know, this is how you're supposed to multithread this kind of c++ code.

Rob Verheyen

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I have simply no idea on this....



Rob Verheyen (robverheyen) said : #2

Hey Olivier,

I guess that makes two of us :) Do you happen to have any idea if there's anyone I could ask about this?


The defaultMG5aMC C++ standalone tree matrix element output uses a "global" static pointer to store the model instance.
This is a rather bad programming style that is, among other problems, not thread-safe and I suspect that this could be the origin of the issue you are facing. This is however just a wild guess, so it could have nothing to do with this.

I have a private MG5aMC plugin for a more advanced and thread-safe C++ output for tree-level matrix elements that could play nicer for your application. Contact me by email directly (<email address hidden>) if you want to discuss more about that.

Rob confirmed that the C++ output from my (still) private MG5aMC plugin is indeed thread-safe and could be used for his purpose (contact me if someone else needs it).
The thread-unsafety of the default C++ output is probably related to the global Model static pointer and the RAMBO C++ implementation (for which Rob has written an alternative implementation himself, again available upon request).

Rob Verheyen (robverheyen) said : #5

For anyone that happens to encounter the same issue as I did, it turns out you can pretty easily modify the regular code to be thread-safe by doing the following:

- Remove every instance of the keyword 'static' from the file
- Remove the static pointer functionality from the Parameter_sm class and change it in such a way that every instance of the CPPProcess object just has a copy of the Paramter_sm class.

Rob Verheyen (robverheyen) said : #6

Actually only the first step is necessary as long as the CPPProcess objects are not created simultaneously. The singleton pattern design of the Parameter_sm class is thread-safe as long as the instance cannot be created by multiple threads.

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