Matching between particles in LHE file and ROOT file

Asked by Miqueias on 2015-05-08

I have other question about MadGraph event production...
I produced a sample of p p > Z Z j j in MadGraph and I'm analysing it now with ROOT. So I did MakeClass on the Tree created from the MadGraph LHE file. In a loop that I do on the particles in each event I used the limit as "kMaxParticle" coming from ROOT file. I saved a file.txt of that analysis of the ROOT file and I saw that in some events in which there are less particles than kMaxParticle (I mean, in the LHE file there are 11 and in the file.txt there are 12, for instance) I can have up to 4 jets (parton level). So, if I want study the two final jets I should make a cut for eliminate this extra particles (that are not wrote in LHE file) or they are significant particles?

I'll thanks to any comment!

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I have no idea of what you are talking about.
I hope Pavel (the author of the translation tool to Root) will understand what you are talking about.



Miqueias (connect-miqueias) said : #2

Hi Olivier,

thanks for reply. Sorry if my words were not clear.. I already solved this problem. I made a mistake, there is a variable called Event_Nparticle in the ROOT file created from the LHE MadGraph file. That variable is the correct one to set the limit of the loop on the particles in an event, since it gives different number of particles in each event (what gives always the 2 final jets requested). And now my file.txt agrees with the LHE file from MadGraph...

I'm waiting now for a comment on my other question here...
Thanks again!