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Asked by Jamie Tattersall on 2012-02-16


Since the Madgraph wiki is down at the moment I was wondering if you could give me a Dummies introduction on how to use the integrated MLM matching?

I have searched the web for any tutorials or talks that you may have given on the subject but couldn't find anything on the specific commands and set up required.

I actually have an old print-out of 'Matching of jets between MadEvent and Pythia' from the wiki so I have documentation for some of the more detailed options, it's the basics of how to perform a run that I am struggling with.

Many thanks,
Jamie Tattersall

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Johan Alwall
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Johan Alwall (johan-alwall) said : #1

Hello Jamie,

Unfortunately the server where we had the wiki is dead, we are moving it to another server but that involves quite a lot of manual work, so it might take a little while. In the meantime, for the introductory ideas I would recommend as the main reference for matching in MadGraph. Once the wiki is up, I'll post the URL here.

All the best,

Jamie Tattersall (32-jamie-7j) said : #2

Thanks Johan,

I actually know your paper and this is not the problem, my issue it's simply how to make Madgraph run the matching on samples with different jet multiplicities.

In any case, I guess the best is just to wait for the wiki to return!

Many thanks,

Best Johan Alwall (johan-alwall) said : #3

Sorry, I thought you meant a theory introduction. To run is very simple:

1) Define your processes:
generate p p > t t~ @0
add process p p > t t~ j @1
output PROC_matched_ttbar

2) Edit your run_card.dat:
1 = ickkw
0 = ptj
40 = xqcut

3) Run MadGraph and Pythia (from the pythia-pgs package on the MadGraph download pages)

Note that the matching and in particular the appropriate xqcut can be checked by looking at the differential jet rate plots which are automatically generated if you have MadAnalysis, td and root installed.

Hope this helps in the meantime, all the best,

Jamie Tattersall (32-jamie-7j) said : #4

Hi Johan,

That's amazing! Thank you very much.


Jamie Tattersall (32-jamie-7j) said : #5

Thanks Johan Alwall, that solved my question.