How to run gridpack in readonly mode

Created by Olivier Mattelaer on
gridpack readonly parrallel

In order to run the same gridpack multiple times simultaneously, you need to create the gridpack like this:
Then when after you unpack your gridpack on cvmfs,
You have to run the following script:

1) create the gridpack as usual:
  generate p p > t t~
  output MYDIR
  set gridpack T

2) untar your gridpack and run the following command:
     cd $GRIDPACK/madevent
     ./bin/internal/restore_data default

3) Optional remove all the file ftn26_default.tgz and results_default.dat from the madevent directory
4) set the full madevent directory in readonly mode (either via cvmfs or via a simple chmod)

To run the gridpack you can do the following
mkdir MY_NEW_RUN_X

at the end of the run the directory will only contain an event file.
To keep more details (full log/...) you can edit to avoid the removal of the file.