Where (or how) does menulibre get its information for "Category Name" and "Description"?

Asked by Peter Freeman on 2017-08-14

Where (or how) does menulibre get its information for "Category Name" and "Description" so as to place it in the correct menu. For example, when I run "sudo apt-cache show vym", I get "Section: universe/kde" but nowhere do I see in the information that comes from the apt cache that vym should be placed in the menu section "Office".

I'm trying to find this out because I have an automated install that installs large numbers of package for a group of people and I would like to properly categorize the packages into the correct menu categories. Right now, all I can get from "apt-cache show ." are these sections:

Admin, Cli-Mono, Comm, Database, Debug, Devel, Doc, Editors, Education, Electronics, Fonts, Games, Gnome, Graphics, Hamradio, Java, Kde, Libdevel, Libs, Lisp, Localization, Mail, Math, Metapackages, Misc, Net, Oldlibs, Otherosfs, Python, Science, Sound, Tex, Text, Unknown, Utils, Vcs, Video, Web, X11.

I would like to know if it is possible (and how) to find out in which menu does an installed package end up BEFORE it is installed.

Thank you.


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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #1

I assume that this information is taken from certain fields in the /usr/share/applications/*.desktop file of the application to be installed.

Peter Freeman (petersfreeman) said : #2

Hi Manfred,

It appears that I need to install the application to find out its menu positioning properties. I had checked out /usr/share/application area using the nautilus file manager. After right clicking on an application and selecting "Properties", no menu positioning information was revealed.

I took your suggestion and this time did a cat of the *.desktop files and saw that there was a lot more information available to me than what was revealed using nautilus.

I can get the information I need now.

Thank you,


George Brown (idlerwheel) said : #3

Working in Mint 19.1, xfce desktop: In the Whisker Menu, I have edited some of the menu entries either in Whisker Menu or in MenuLibre, to add to their names or to change their descriptions. I want to make file that displays the results of all my edits,

I tried to look at the *.desktop files, as suggested here, above. Well, this produced the information, but what what I saw was the entries as they existed before my edits.

Where is MenuLibre keeping the this data as it exists now?