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Asked by Ken C on 2014-04-30

I am confused about MenuLibre, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or lack understanding? Where is the documentation?

Specifically, in the listed "Features:" (from the developer's site

                 "Easily rearrange menu items, submenus, and separators"

I have not been able to create a sub-menu.
I can't seem to move an item from one category to another.

I was able to do these easily, including drag & drop, with the prior AlaCarte. How is this done in MenuLibre?

As a side note - it is confusing to users that the same app is referred to as "MenuLibre" and "Whisker Menu". Why not one name?

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Sean Davis (bluesabre) said : #1

MenuLibre's documentation can be found here:

When you move an item from one category to another, you may need to save that item. If the save button does not light up, try toggling one of the switches on and off, then click save to commit the change.

"MenuLibre" is the menu editing application. "Whisker Menu" is the applications menu from where the applications are launched.

Please let me know if this helps.

Ken C (kcgeemail) said : #2

Thank you. I see now, I was thinking that MenuLibre was just the 'preferences' section of the Whisker Menu app. I see now they are separate apps ( side rant - I generally find Linux naming conventions confusing - For example, I just added 'totem' through Synaptics, and the name and 'about' shows 'Videos', and it used to be called 'Movie Player'. When someone has this installed, how would they know it was 'really' 'totem'? /rant).

I think one of the problems/confusion I had is that when I created a new directory, I could not move anything into it with the up/down buttons - the item would skip over the new directory. I found that once I created a new launcher inside that new directory (and saved), that I could then move an item into that new directory. But not until it contained something. I just tried your suggestion, I toggled the 'hide' switch on the new directory, saving each time, but I still could not move a launcher into that directory until I manually created a launcher inside that new directory.

I could do a bug report on that if that makes sense.

The second big issue for me is that I can't seem to create a sub-directory. This was something I had tweaked extensively on 12.04 Xubuntu. Graphics and Multimedia in particular are very broad categories, so I had sub folders which helped make sense of everything for me (draw progs, versus photo editing, versus photo libraries, versus scanning and OCR software, etc). One big list for that just didn't work for me.

I don't know if that is a 'bug', or a feature you do not plan to support (I thought I read that in the roadmap section)? Personally, that is a major issue for me, I access sub-folders many times a day.

Related to that, I assume (!) that MenuLibre should be able to be used to generically edit the menu settings, and I should be able to use either/both WhiskerMenu and/or the old "Applications Menu"? Also, if I try to edit with AlaCarte, will that cause conflicts with using MenuLibre? Or am I free to use whatever tool suits me?

I'm not sure if you are tied in with the Whisker Menu group at all, but since I've gone this far, I have to say I just don't see the advantage over the old Applications Menu. I can no longer just mouse down the list and view entries, I need to choose, click, and move over to the window to pick anything. Maybe some see advantages, but they are lost on me.

Sorry if that sounded like complaining, I'm just trying to find my way around a somewhat new system, and hopefully have some constructive input along the way, and learn where I may have taken a wrong turn if that's the case.

Thank You.

raywood (ray-woodcock) said : #3

Obviously a very old thread. If Google leads others here, as it led me, a link to my writeup on editing the menu may be helpful. That link:

Ken C (kcgeemail) said : #4

Thanks for the update and blog, Ray. I've saved it, and will take a closer look when I upgrade to the April 2020 LTS. I think it will help me to start with a clean slate, my past editing efforts seem to have left a lot of garbage behind, but it's workable, so I've kind of just let it be for now

Happy New Year!

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