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Should me-tv be considered to be discontinued? If so, it would be very sad.

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Thomas Raschbacher (lordvan-lordvan) said :

seems like someone is working on a fork (version 3.x) in rust:

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Russel Winder (russel) said :

Me TV 1.3.7 got removed from Debian and thus Ubuntu a while back, also from Fedora. As far as I am aware none of Me TV 1.3.7, 1.4.0, or 2.0.0 now actually work correctly on Debian, Ubuntu, or Fedora.

I originally started working on Me TV 1.3.8, but quickly realised that C and C++ were not really the right languages for this work. I dabbled with D (using GtkD) for a while, and things were looking good. However the GTK and GStreamer people decided to back Rust as the replacement for C for new work, and gtk-rs and gstreamer-rs are very good. I thus switched to using Rust and am finding it good.

All new work as far as I am concerned is focused on the Git repository owned by the Me TV organisation on GitHub. I set up a Bazaar mirror so there are branches on Launchpad that are up to date. The decision to label this Me TV 3 was one taken by Frédéric and myself jointly.

So, I would suggest that this Me TV Launchpad area is probably getting close to being redundant. The bugs will not be dealt with, at least not by me, and there is unlikely to be any change to the C and C++ code, unless someone new steps up to pick up this 5 year old code. To be honest though I would counsel any interested programmer to treat the Me TV 1.3, 1.4, and 2.0 code as dead code and to come work on the 3.0.0 code.

I am close to thinking a formal release is needed, and I am trying to see if the Debian maintainers will take the me-tv package back into production.

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Frédéric Côté (frederic-cote) said :


I also think this launchpad should be close or at least be marked as close (dead). No one as worked on the code for a long time. But I think we should wait until Me-TV 3 is properly included in packages distributions (Debian/Ubuntu|Fedora|etc) or at least well know before taking radical approach on the launchpad page.

Personally, I was working on it [me-tv] because I was using it. It was easy to test bugs and add features. But, for many years now, I completely ditch conventional tv.

If something has to be done by "admin" or something, I can delegate admin rights and help with management.


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Russel Winder (russel) said :


Now there seems to be more people than just me using Me TV 3, I have started putting out formal releases rather than just having the Git repository – formal releases are also a pre-requisite for being packaged in Debian and Fedora. I have emailed the last listed Debian maintenance email for the me-tv 1.3.7 package but as yet have had no response.

I am trying to find out how to create pre-built executables for various platforms so people do not have to build for themselves if they do not want to. I am not sure Travis-CI has the capability, but it maybe I just need to try harder. The question is where to host things. I suspect GitHub pages may be the best vehicle, but it is a question of how to get Travis-CI to write to the pages.

In a sense, due to Web streaming, Me TV is all about "retro TV" so may always be a very niche client.

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Sven (5-launmhpad-t) said :

Me-TV 1.3.7 is working on Xubuntu 19.10. I am using it since 16.04.

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