I wanna make me-tv packages, compiled against libxine instead of xine-ui, will I get any regressions ?

Asked by Mantas Kriaučiūnas on 2009-03-22


I'm a lead developer of Ubuntu-based distribution (http://launchpad.net/baltix ), which uses Totem-xine as default media player and Me-TV as default digital TV application. Now we are releasing new version and wanna to include new me-tv 0.7.16 or 0.8 packages in our distro. Problem is, that me-tv uses xine-ui media-player, but we don't wanna to include one more media player into our distribution, also we are very short in CD space - even additional 2 MB for xine-ui are too much for us ...

So, I wanna make me-tv packages, compiled against libxine instead of xine-ui, and it would be very important to know if I get any regressions when using me-tv with libxine ? I'm asking this question because previous me-tv versions used libxine, but in 0.7 you started to use xine-ui media player instead - I found this in changelog:
Revision 220 (2008-10-12): 0.7.0 - Removed libxine in favour of xine player ...

Also it would be nice to know why you removed libxine in favour of xine-ui?

Thank you very much for developing excellent free software application :)

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Hi Mantas,

0.8 is still in development and not recommended yet,. What's the timeline for the next version of Baltix?

The newer versions of Me TV (including 0.7.16) can be optionally compiled to enable different (multiple) engines. Try `configure --enable-xine-lib-engine` (see configure.ac). However, I don't think that we got the xine-lib engine working properly in 0.7. To use the newly compiled engine `gconftool-2 -t string -s /apps/me-tv/engine_type xine-lib` ... you get the idea. In 0.8 you will also have the option of libgtreamer, libvlc and mplayer although most of them will be "used at your own risk". I still haven't decided which one is going to be the officially supported one, probably xine-ui again.

xine-lib leaks memory at about 300-500 MB a day which makes it unsuitable for an "always-running" application like Me TV. Any memory leaked by the xine-ui player gets cleaned up when it terminates making it a better option. Also, if xine-ui crashes it doesn't take down the whole application with it.

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