Hauppauge HVR 3000 and Me-TV

Asked by Robin Kluth on 2009-03-09

Hey Me-TV Team!

I have an Hauppauge HVR 3000 TV-Card and this problem:

My OS is Ubuntu 8.10 and with this OS the latest me-tv version for 8.10.

My TV-card was detected from linux successfully, but after i start me-tv it shows me it want to scan channels - ok.

But after it starts, it says "Cannot change Transponder xxx" (in german: Umschalten zu Transponder xxx fehlgeschlagen) after this error it leaves me alone...
I've heared DVB-S is supported? but - not in my version, isnt it? My exactly me-tv version:

$ apt-show-versions me-tv
me-tv/intrepid uptodate 0.5.30-1

What can I do?

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Michael Lamothe
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Scott Evans (vk7hse) said : #1


The current stable version of Me Tv is 0.7.16 This is available via the
Me Tv Development PPA.

To get this latest version you will need to add to
your /etc/apt/sources.list the following...

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/me-tv-development/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main

deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/me-tv-development/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main

and also you will need to ad the PGP key into synaptic as well..

Version: SKS 1.0.10


If you're unsure of how to do that then take a look at the following
link for further advice...


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I think that Robin is specifically asking for DVB-S support. Me TV 0.7.16 will not help you with that, neither 0.6 or 0.7 have DVB-S support.

The version that you are using does support DVB-S but the scanner does not work well for DVB-S. What you need to do is generate a channels.conf and put it at ~/.me-tv/channels.conf.



Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #3

Yes! I asked for DVB-S Support, because my HVR has direct Coaxial-input, and i want to use it :D.

@Michael: 0.6/0.7 doesnt support DVB-S?? Why does support the version 0.5.30 it? Version 0.6 and above are newer - arent they?

About the channels.conf: How can i generate this file? Which program can i use for my card to do this?

Thanks for the answers ;)

R. Kluth

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #4

[No edit available? -.-]

Do i need some F/W for my card? Or drivers to work with me-tv?

Back to the versions: I've read the dvb-s support was dropped from 0.6 and above because of some problems - ok i understood why you give me 0.5.x :D

You need a supported and working DVB device under Linux.

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #7

I know - but i dont know if i have to install some drivers for my card.

I dont see any DVB-S support in scan, only a param:

-satpos <position> Specify DISEQC switch position for DVB-S.

but this is for DISEQC. Does scan support DVB-S scans?


I've read that you're searching people to test the new DVB-S support (on the startpage) If you want, you can contact me for testing this.

> I know - but i dont know if i have to install some drivers for my card.

Neither do I, look at linuxtv.org, #linuxtv or their mailing list

For information on DVB-S scanning see https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/+faq/122

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #9

I've read the manual - I have found this:

scan -o vdr -e 6 Astra-19.2E

but this command exit with some errors:

robin@home:/usr/share/dvb/dvb-s$ scan -o vdr -e 6 Astra-19.2E > /home/robin/chan.conf
scanning Astra-19.2E
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
initial transponder 12551500 V 22000000 5
WARNING: frontend type (OFDM) is not compatible with requested tuning type (QPSK)
ERROR: initial tuning failed
dumping lists (0 services)

Any Ideas?

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #10

Does anybody has an correct generated channels.conf? Astra 19.2E ?

If I'm not mistaken, your device has both a DVB-S and a DVB-T tuner on it. The scan command is obviously picking up the DVB-T tuner by default, you just need to specify which frontend device to use.

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #12

robin@home:/dev/dvb/adapter0$ dir
demux0 dvr0 frontend0 net0

There is no other frontend

So you don't have a /dev/dvb/adapter1?

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #14

>> If I'm not mistaken, your device has both a DVB-S and a DVB-T tuner on it

Yes, you're right. My Card has DVB-S support

>> So you don't have a /dev/dvb/adapter1?

robin@home:/dev/dvb$ dir

nope - no other adapter - This is the prob because i asked for some drivers.. is the dvb-s support not supported by default drivers? I dont know it

You're asking in the wrong spot. Me TV is a user-space application, you are asking for a device driver. See my earlier message about who you should contact. #linuxtv on FreeNode is a good start.

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #16

Sorry if you dont understood what i wanted to say: I know that me-tv is an program to view tv - and that doesnt is a driver :D

I will ask @ linuxtv - thanks for your help, and have good luck with the future versions of me-tv - and i hope for better dvb-s support in 0.8 ;)

Robin Kluth (commifreak) said : #17

Thanks Michael Lamothe, that solved my question.