Maybe mplayer engine is better?

Asked by Ivan Ivanoff

Because when I use xine I am getting chunky video and sound after this:
Me TV-Message: 09.06.2008 23:00:15 - About to play from FIFO ...
Me TV-Message: 09.06.2008 23:53:15 - Playing from FIFO
Me TV-Message: Exception message: 'Timeout while polling for demuxer'
- I changed engine to "mplayer" in me-tv.config. It works good, but I cannot get normal fullscreen. And when I resize video window - it becomes ugly: edges of images from video remains.

What am I doing not right?

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Ivan Ivanoff
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Michael Lamothe (lamothe-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

Don't use the mplayer engine. I don't support it. It's there as a debugging tool.

* Where are you?
* What version are you using?
* What type of video card do you have?
* What video drivers are you using?

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Ivan Ivanoff (spammeroff) said :

But it works. And for me - with good audio-video sync. But with some ugly artifacts when resizing. I was thinking xine engine is no more supported.
1). I am from Vladivostok, Russia. I use ABS 1 at 75.0°E.
2). GNOME me-tv 0.5.27 from your repository in Ubuntu 7.10. Thank you for package! I use it with TechnoTrend TT1401-S.
3). I have i915G integrated video card with 128 Mb aperture and 64 Mb shared video memory (it takes from 2048 Mb RAM)
4). I use standard intel driver and x11 interface with Compiz Fusion. I do not think that it caused from video part. It is DVB problem. I used to use "mplayer -demuxer mpegts dvb:///" before I found your program.

I hope it will be useful for You! Any tests are welcome!

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Michael Lamothe (lamothe-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

Try disabling compiz, I know that I have issue with it on my ATI card. Also, when using the xine engine, have you tried switching to the xshm output in the preferences dialog.



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Ivan Ivanoff (spammeroff) said :

I do not want to disable compiz! Compiz is so... I have no words. I have tried switching to "auto" and "xshm" either - the same effect. It sounds and looks like signal interruption. But it happens on a small enough term - about 2-3 sec.
I have changed values of buffers in tenth times bigger (xine.config), it helped! Now video and sound run smoothly.


Are these parameters more then I need?

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Michael Lamothe (lamothe-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

I was merely suggesting that you disable Compiz as a test, I also run compiz even though it messes with video.

That's all you need to do, if it doesn't chew up too much memory then I guess that those values are fine. Thanks for the feedback.