daylight savings time

Asked by djk4883 on 2015-03-04

With daylight savings time starting Sunday, March 8 is there some what to avoid manually editing 25 scheduled programs I have me-tv set to record? Some script or code sniplet anyone comes up with would be greatly appreciated.
 (how do I increment wednsday at 8pm stored in this format 1425430800 by an hour?)


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Frédéric Côté (frederic-cote) said :


In me-tv version 1.3, scheduled recording time is store in UTC (or GMT, I don't recall). It is only when the time is shown that me-tv apply the timezone.

So, if your system automaticaly adjust to daylight savings, me-tv should follow.

If you have problem, you can add an hour to the value in the sqlite db and restart me-tv.


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djk4883 (djk44883) said :

I am grateful for your response Fred!

 I don't have a current background in modern programing, I just hack at what I piece together from what I used to know. I use the current client/server version 1.4.0-0~57 which I understand uses unix or epoch time. As I recall, this doesn't seem to adjust with time change.

I have found how to directly manipulate the table (probably kind of lame method - it's a firefox extension) but not exactly sure how calculate the time.

This might be easier, when I edited it via me-tv and didn't do things in the right order, the times would overlap and not go through - so I couldn't necessarily go straight down the list.

I realize me-tv doesn't seem to have big user base - and it takes a lot of time to create even a small project. I really find the relatively simple program awesome. It just does what it's needs to with out a whole bunch of needless ...stuff getting in the way.


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Best Frédéric Côté (frederic-cote) said :


Unix time is really simple, it is the number of second that have pass since january first 1970:

So, if you want to add an hour, just add 3600 (60 seconds x 60 minutes).

But you should wait to see if the time change is correctly handle or not.


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djk4883 (djk44883) said :

Thanks Frédéric Côté, that solved my question.