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Asked by wally on 2013-12-19

i want to use MeTV on OpenSuse 13.1 with an DVB-S2 / USB Box.
I do not know how to set the appropriate Diseqc position in Me-TV.
I have Hotbird on Diseqc pos 0 and Astra on Diseqc 1
so i can scan successfully by:

scan -s1 /usr/share/dvb/dvb-s/Astra-19.2E >channels.conf
(scan -s N use DiSEqC switch position N (DVB-S only) )

Me-Tv can import this channels.conf but does not show any programm.
I assume i need to set the Diseqc position somewhere, but i do not know how to do this.

Where can i find instructions, how to setup Me-TV for 2 Satelites ?
All works nice with Kaffeine, so drivers etc. seems to work properly
thx wally

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Frédéric Côté (frederic-cote) said :

Hi Wally,

Satellite DVB is not well supported because no developer have access to a signal. Some people have succeed in configuring a DiSEeqC switch and explainded it but I can not found where. It's probably in "Bugs", "Blueprints" or "Answer".

Sorry I can't help you more.

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Skip D. (good-old-skip) said :

Hi Wally,

I am using me-tv with a multiswitch on Astra 19 and Astra 28 and it works. Last year, Fred was so nice to guide me through a few fixes in me-tv to bring this to work:

I am using w_scan, too. Let me enclose a script, which works for me at the end.

Take a look at the w_scan commands, one for TV, one for radio, this for each satellite.
Replace with your satellite names.

The me-tv trick is done in "sed "s/:0:/:1:/" channels_28E2TV.conf > channels.tmp", this column advises me-tv to use LNB#1 instead of LNB#0.
The current me-tv version should be able to do this.

The last part of the script removes for me most of the s*x channels.

If you should run in any problems, just let me know.




ch_filename=`date '+%Y-%m'-%d_%H_%M_channels.conf`

w_scan -f s -s S19E2 -E 0 -R 0 -X >> channels_19E2TV.conf
w_scan -f s -s S19E2 -E 0 -T 0 -X >> channels_19E2Radio.conf
w_scan -f s -s S28E2 -E 0 -R 0 -D1c -X >> channels_28E2TV.conf
w_scan -f s -s S28E2 -E 0 -T 0 -D1c -X >> channels_28E2Radio.conf

#19E2 TV, 28E2TV, 19E2 Radio, 28E2 TV
sort channels_19E2TV.conf > channels0.tmp
sed "s/:0:/:1:/" channels_28E2TV.conf > channels.tmp
sort channels.tmp >> channels0.tmp
sort channels_19E2Radio.conf >> channels0.tmp
sed "s/:0:/:1:/" channels_28E2Radio.conf > channels.tmp
sort channels.tmp >> channels0.tmp

sed "s/&/and/" channels0.tmp > channels.tmp

sed "/lieb/d;/babe/d;/Bunny/d;/rotic/d;/Babe/d;/service_id/d;/Damenwahl/d;/Girls/d;/Dati/d;/Date/d;/date/d;/Amore/d;/Gefühl/d;/date/d;/Bunnyclub/d;/Lustk/d;/Turbodating/d;/Partner/d;/glück/d;/Kontaktbö/d;/Uhse/d;/Single/d;/Gay/d;/chat/d;/Flirt/d;/Chat/d;/Sex/d;/sex/d;/SEX/d;/Kamasutra/d;/eroti/d;/Eroti/d;/EROTI/d;/handy/d;/Maennersa/d;/girl/d" channels.tmp > $ch_filename

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