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Asked by djk4883 on 2013-11-07

After my computer changed back to standard time this weekend, all my scheduled recording times set themselves back an hour. ie) Show set to record at 10 everyday had been changed to record at 9 every day. I'm running Me TV on Linux Mint 15 (based on Ubuntu 13.04). Can I avoid having to edit each one when changing back to daylight savings time?

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Thomas Raschbacher (lordvan-lordvan) said :

I *think* (not at home now so can't check) that me-tv probably stores the recording dates including timezone & DST information. In fact for most applications it might be appropriete for me-tv to just use the (date and) time without any reference to Timezones and DST ..

In any case.. if it is this way then fixing it every time we change clocks should be easy. not sure about the code involved.

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djk4883 (djk44883) said :

I keep me-tv-server open in a termial winnow. It'll show start time as a string a numbers such as 1383930000 I believe it's a unix time stamp/code from stumbling across this site: Convert Unix Time to Date - http://unix2date.com 1383930000 converts to 2013-11-08 12:00:00 (my time zone)
When my computer set it's clock back, the start time seemed to stay relative to where they were. I'd expect to to stay at 12:00 but it changed to 11:00 as the start time.

Thanks for taking the time looking into this. I truly think me-tv is great! It's relatively simple and only does just what I need it to with out a bunch of crap and overhead!

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Thomas Raschbacher (lordvan-lordvan) said :

yeah it Unix time.

for example(python interpreter in case you are wondering):
>>> time.ctime( 1383930000 )
'Fri Nov 8 18:00:00 2013'

so the 'Problem' is that unixtime is defined as number of seconds from 1st Jan. 1970 UTC so unixtime is 'immune' to DST -- which is the reason why your recording times change. It'd be easy to change it be 3600 sec either way at least I suppose (in the DB) or change it manually in the gui.

As I said before it'd probably be good to store it in a different format than unixtime so that it is less confusing with DST

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