Cannot scan channels version 1.3.5

Asked by Manfred von Pisthofen on 2011-01-12

Installed version 1.3.5 on Ubuntu 10.04 and tried to do autoscan Australia a few times but at the end of the scan always
get a message saying there is a channel conflict, then the channel editor dialogue appears with only a few channels,
usually only ABC and/or 7.

I then used w_scan to make a channels.conf file, but when it try to load the file in the scan dialogue, always get an error:
Failed to find a value for '1999B7C........' etc.

Any suggestions?

Here is my channels.conf:

SCTV Launceston;SC Media:599500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:641:642=eng:643:0:2307:12811:2307:0
7mate;SC Media:599500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:3711:0;3712:3713:0:2339:12811:2307:0
7TWO;SC Media:599500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:3721:3722=eng:3723:0:2371:12811:2307:0
ABC News 24;ABC:620500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:2314+2309:0;2315:2316:0:656:4112:627:0
ABC Dig Music;ABC:620500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:0:2317=eng:0:0:662:4112:627:0
ABC Jazz;ABC:620500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:0:2318=eng:0:0:663:4112:627:0
SBS ONE;SBS:641500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:161:81=eng:41:0:897:0:0:0
SBS TWO;SBS:641500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:162:83=eng:42:0:898:0:0:0
SBS 3;SBS:641500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:161:81=eng:41:0:899:0:0:0
SBS 4;SBS:641500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:161:81=eng:41:0:900:0:0:0
SBS HD;SBS:641500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:102:103=eng:41:0:901:0:0:0
SBS Radio 1;SBS:641500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:0:201=eng:0:0:910:0:0:0
SBS Radio 2;SBS:641500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:0:202=eng:0:0:911:0:0:0
WIN Launceston;WIN Television:683500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:507:657=eng:757:0:1:12917:12923:0
GO Launceston;WIN Television:683500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:527:677=eng:777:0:2:12917:12923:0
GEM Launceston;WIN Television:683500:I999B7C34D0M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:547:0;697:797:0:10:12917:12923:0
TDT;Tasmanian Digital Television:697500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:673:674=eng:675:0:2072:0:0:0
ONE HD Tasmania;Tasmanian Digital Television:697500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:4511:0;4512:4513:0:2104:0:0:0
ELEVEN;Tasmanian Digital Television:697500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:4521:4522=eng:4523:0:2136:0:0:0

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Manfred von Pisthofen
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Scott Evans (vk7hse) said : #1

Just allow the channel editor to rename the conflicts this is an issue with
the TV stations using duplicate ID's for channel names.

Me TV is being more strict on the name structure, whereas most devices will
allow anything! This also ensures that recordings happen on the correct

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Still missing a few channels but I can live with that. The small dialogue with the radio buttons did not appear the first few times i did the scan, the app would go straight to the channel editor dialogue, but i think this may be a GTK/Ubuntu netbook problem. I will upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition and see if it happens again.

TopEnder (topender) said : #3

You may have to do several initial scans from different locations to get the missing channels. Up here in the Top End I have to scan either Adelaide Cairns or Perth to get all the local channels, I found anything to with Southern Cross network I had problems ie the channels 1, 10 7 7two & 7mate. As for channel 11 well we might get by 2013

Scott Evans (vk7hse) said : #4

Yes the roll out of the new channels has been a complete fsck up! They
should all be accessible to anyone at one time rather than sporadic roll
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