Where is the channels.conf file located?

Asked by Rob on 2010-12-19

Hi - I am located in Townsville Qld Aust & am running Mint 10. MeTv works well, but I have been unable to find the local WIN Tv channels (a must have now that the cricket is on!). All others are located by the automatic scan. When I was using MeTV some time ago, I used to be able to find a channels.conf file. I have run w_scan and have the raw data for Win Tv, but I don't know where the channels.conf file is so that I can manually alter it to include the Win Tv data. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for a great application. Regards, Rob.

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Nowhere. You have to create it and then import it via the "me-tv scan wizard" -> "import a channels.conf file". I created it on my desktop, imported it to me-tv then erased it.

You will also find an "auto scan" option in the "wizard". Australia is in the menu, you should give it a try.

Rob (rob2306-gmail) said : #2

Hi Frederic

Thanks for your prompt response. I have tried the wizard and for some reason it doesn't pick up the Win channel - it finds the rest though. From your answer, I'm guessing that once the wizard finds the channels they are stored elsewhere in the system. Perhaps in the file .local/share/me-tv/me-tv.db? (But I can't access this to edit it) Anyway I guess it doesn't matter. I'll amend the sample Townsville file au-Townsville and add the details for Win TV that w_scan gave and see if the wizard picks it up then.

Thanks again.

TopEnder (topender) said : #3

You might have to scan Cairns, Mackay or even brisbane tto pickup the channel frequencies you require, I had to scan Adelaide and Perth to get all the channels I wanted to view here in Darwin.

TopEnder (topender) said : #4


I think I did not read your question completely re where the Channel DB is located see below, & the following was lifted from the left-hand side of me rv home page. TopEnder

Channel DB location < me-tv 1.0.1

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   3. FAQ #1170

Created by Scott Evans on on 2010-06-13

    Channel DB channel conf

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    Scott Evans on on 2010-06-13

From version 1.0.1 of Me TV the channel DB location has changed from ~/.me-tv to ~/.local/share/me-tv/

Reason refer to LP: #486247

me-tv.db is a SQlite database. You need a SQLite manager to edit it. There is an extension for Firefox:

But the import option is a better idea. Channels.conf is fairly easy to create/edit (since you already have the info for w_scan).

Rob (rob2306-gmail) said : #6

Hi Frederic

Success - I opened up gedit as root and amended the channels.conf file to include Win TV frequency - saved file and then re-ran the wizard & this time it picked up the extra channels that were missing.

Many Thanks for your assistance.


Scott Evans (vk7hse) said : #7

To avoid any permission problems in your home directory, it may pay to run
the following in a terminal...

sudo chown -hR user:user /home/user

just sub 'user' for your login user detail

Rob (rob2306-gmail) said : #8

Thanks Scott - I'll give it a go, but just to clarify, for user "rob" is it

sudo chown -hR user:rob /home/rob ?

or sudo chown -hR user:user /home/rob?


Scott Evans (vk7hse) said : #9

sudo chown - hR rob:rob /home/rob

the rob:rob is telling chown to change the user & group ownership of the
files. The reason I mentioned it was if you run anything as root that
creates a file in your home directory, the owner will be root and should you
need to delete or edit you won't be able to due to the lack of credentials
to the file.

Rob (rob2306-gmail) said : #10

Okay Scott - I understand. Thanks again.