Please explain what the video drivers are? 13 in all

Asked by Peter A Johnson on 2010-11-08

Please explain, video drivers What are they, dvr3=?, aadxr3 =?, xv =?, XDirect FB = ?, Sync FB, open gl, xshm is MP4 or is it mpeg?, xxmc = ?, sdl =?, fb = ?, and finally xvmc, Could someone explain what these are as I do not know about these drivers, and I only recognise Mpeg 2 as DVD normal, or Mpeg4 etc, Help me to set the correct drivers in Me TV as listed as I wish to record off air pictures in MPEG2.

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The video driver you are choosing does not affect recording. Choose one that works. The one by default should work just fine (I think it is "xshm").

Thank you very much for your prompt help, Frederic, Are you saying that these drivers are only for replay? because VLC could not replay the recording with xshm , but Now replays recordings after I changed to xv! ? Which prompts me to try all the 13 options now too see the results. I will let you know of the outcome. Peter.

 If this is correct there should be no problem with recordings from the Hauppauge Win TV-NOVA-T-Stick USB plugin which provides me with Mpeg2 off air DVB signals with a DVI-I feed to the monitor at 1920X1080 pixels.

But the recordings are not Mpeg2 and will not play back on any DVD players! I first used the default "xshm" setting and viewing pictures was full of horizontal lines on any fast movement, so I tried "xv" and this provides a clean picture without any defects but lacks resolution and looks very similar to SVCD quality. I used K3b to make the recording to DVD.

Checking the disk in Win XP, The bit rate is around 1.3 Megapbytes, and should be at least 3 to 6 Megabytes for Mpeg2.
It is interesting that with the same USB stick used within Windows XP Home, the recordings are correct Mpeg2 and play perfectly on any DVD player. The bit rates are 1 to 6 Megabytes depending on content of scenes.

It would seem that Linux Mint 9, 64bit, does not provide any obvious means of finding a solution or defining the results. It would be very helpful if the Me TV team could post a list of the 13 formats mentioned with an explanation of what they are.

The MPEG 2 specification defines 2 formats:

* MPEG 2 PS - For DVD
* MPEG 2 TS - Suitable for DVB, although DVB supports a few non-MPEG 2 formats also

Me TV uses xine-lib for video rendering, it is lib-xine that defines those video driver names and their use, you should ask that project for information about them. I don't know what most of them mean.

The horizontal lines on fast motion happens because your video is interlaced, this is how the TV station sends it to you. It is up to the player to "Deinterlace" the video, look for a "Deinterlace" option in your player.

Dear Michael, Thank you for your very prompt help, Yes this is very good to know and I shall investigate Xine-lib to find out more and I will post the results for all to view. Best wishes Peter.