Are there plans to release an Ubuntu version of Maya?

Asked by Steven Roose

Ubuntu does not have a good native calendar application. In Ubuntu brainstorm, some people suggested that instead of make a new dedicated Ubuntu calendar app, Maya could be used to make a native Ubuntu app.

Are there any plans in the development now to do this?
(I tried to build the current Maya code on Ubuntu but never succeeded, both for the latest trunk version as for the 0.1 version.)

Although I have absolutely no experience in the field, I would like to contribute where I can to make this happen.

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RobinJ (robinj) said :

I think there are plans for a GNOME calendar application.

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Niels Avonds (niels-avonds) said :

It should be possible to install Maya on Ubuntu (but it would require Contractor and Granite), though it currently fails on Ubuntu 12.10.

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Steven Roose (stevenroose) said :

Are there binaries available for download via a PPA, or should I build it myself? Because currently I cannot build it on Ubuntu 12.10. There seems to be an issue with the libecal package, which I have installed, but that is not recognized.

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Steven Roose (stevenroose) said :

Is it so hard to get Maya in the Ubuntu Software Center? I really want a calendar app on my Ubuntu system and there are no alternatives in there.

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Phillip Sz (phillip-sz) said :

Maya will not be a native ubuntu app as it is designed for elementary not ubuntu. Currently there are not really plans to get it into the ubuntu repo, use elementary! In theory it possible to install it in ubuntu, but you should not do that. There are conflicts between maya/elementary and unity/ubuntu.

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Steven Roose (stevenroose) said :

Ok, I can understand that Maya is made for Elementary. But since it is just another GTK application, it shouldn't be that hard to port it to Ubuntu as well.
Ubuntu lacks a decent calendar application, so Maya has the potential to be a large contribution to all Ubuntu users.

But of course, I understand your point of view and will respect it, as the work you do for Maya and Elementary is voluntarily, it is unfair to make demands. I just wanted to express how I feel about the decision.

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Phillip Sz (phillip-sz) said :

I also see your point and yes i agree with you that it would be a good thing to have Maya also avilable in Ubuntu. However if you really want to use it in Ubuntu you must mess with gtk/granite and even if that's done it still don't fit into the ubuntu desktop design wise. And of cause if someone want to make a guide on how to install Maya in Ubuntu without destroying the desktop or port Maya to any ubuntu version, you are free to do so.

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Neftas (srvandenakker) said :

Yorba is working on a calendar app for GNOME named California. It is quite good (although still alpha). You can download the app: