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I thought this had a previewer, but after having to do a new install (wiped out Oneric and now have Precise) and adding Marlin, I see there isn't one. I found the "shortcut" to open a preview of a file with the spacebar, but I was expecting it to be in a small window either inside or right next to Marlin? Seems to me it was that way before. I also saw Gloobis needs installed but can't seem to find it. I also notice on this version there is no menu-bar! That annoys the heck out of me, I don't want some little picture of a red circle with a slash through it on a button to take its place, and then find, there is no option to add plugins (like the previewer) or switch to the regular menu (file, etc.)
Am I just missing something here?
I've had to install Dolphin on my Xubuntu to get this feature (adding all its *KDE dependencies.)
I realize this "isn't ready for prime time" yet, but it did seem to work much better on my Oneric install.

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Fixitman Arizona (fixitmanarizona) said :

I feel kind of dumb. I did get the file menu back: RIGHT CLICK on the red circle with a slash through it and select "menubar."
I did get gloobus preview installed but I'm not sure if it did anything. It doesn't show up anywhere, including dconf-tools (as described HERE: ) Hitting the spacebar as suggested opens my default image viewer (gpicview, which I replaced the default Xubuntu viewer with.) This, however, not what I was looking for. It's the same as clicking on an image, or other file.
I then was able to get the preview pane (NOT CALLED THAT, it's the "context pane") under "view." It also previews (a large thumbnail with info, I guess) other files as well such as .txt and .pdf.
This is exactly why I installed Marlin! It now works better than Dolphin!
I'm happy now. Hopefully this will help someone else who has the same problem.