Free space and number of elements in a folder in status bar / context pane

Asked by Xavier Guillot


Regarding lots of features removed in Nautilus 3.6 and all the debates it makes - - I am looking to an alternative / fork to replace it as too many options I absolutely need are no more available.

Marlin is one of the most advanced programs which could be used as default file manager, and I'm happy that development continues, you're doing a fantastic work.

It's almost complete, well integrated in Unity and Ubuntu One. Only, in the last version from your ppa, there is one thing I miss : status bar

For me it is absolutely necessary and useful to know in just one second number of elements in a folder and free space available, without having to do "Properties" on context menu.

If status bar is definitively gone, another possibility could be to add, in the context pane, 2 informations when a folder is selected :

- Number of elements

- Free Space

Do you think it could be something feasible ?

Thanks in advance. Xavier

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ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said :

Actually there was one interesting suggestion as to mark the freespace at the right end of the location bar.

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Xavier Guillot (valeryan-24) said :

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, free space at the end of location bar would be fine, too, and perhaps more visible.

In this case, is it possible to add number of elements in a folder in the context pane, please ? It is the second information I am missing from the status bar, and it's very useful for example when I want to delete a folder, I can check there is empty (0 element).

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ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said :

Marlin has been built to be fast, to load a directory as fast as possible. Knowing the number of elements a directory contain is extra loads, it would have obviously an impact on the filemanager performances while i don't consider this information something crucial. What difference does it make that u know a dir contain 7 or 3 elements? (u don't even know if it's folder or files or shortcuts etc...)
This job is perfect for a previewer like gloobus-preview or sushi (while i think it should be more integrated).

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ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said :

or a perfect job for the property dialog*

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Xavier Guillot (valeryan-24) said :

Yes, it's not absolutely necessary when a folder is opened to have this information as we see the elements in the main window, but I like to know it, especially when there are lots of files.

Moreover, as I told, it's useful for me when I just select (without opening) a folder or many folders after having copied / moved files to remove them (and generally I do a suppress directly, without trash saving) : in this case with the status bar I had in only 0,5 second and immediately visible the information confirming there are "0 element" inside the folder(s).

If this number is not displayed, I've to open them individually to check, so I need this feature to win time.

I do not know how much it slows the system, my desktop PC is powerful but my laptop not so much and in Nautilus I never saw a delay, information is displayed instantly.

Is it not the same when you display the (very important, too) info of "last modified" for a file in the context pane ? Here also Marlin has to check before giving the date and hour, or the size ? And in Marlin it is immediate, too.

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ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said :

oh u're talking about informations of an already loaded folder my bad i though u were referring to the item count number of subdirectories in a list view.
Yes of course the informations availables in the property dialog should be the same as in the context pane. While some may consider the Context Pane and the Property Dialog a duplication, i think of it as an handy way to get informations/metadata from a simple mouse hover. So yes the number of items of the current loaded directory should appear in the context pane.

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Xavier Guillot (valeryan-24) said :

Yes, good news if it's possible.

Of course, information is also displayed in the Properties window (which is very complete in Marlin), but it can be useful, for those who choose to view the context pane, to have it here, too - it's useful and there is place !